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Unfortunately the smokestacks from the first release do not fit at all into the ship holes. They are too narrow to stay in place. We will replace smokestacks free of charge, just email us. In the meantime here are a few easy fixes:
1. wrap a small piece of scotch tape on each smokestack stem
2. dip each smokestack stem in silicon seal
3. A more advanced fix: glue cardboard or balsa wood to the ship bottoms and drill or punch a smaller hole

Sorry for the inconvenience and please email us with other solutions if you have them.


When you get the new ones, stick the smokestack in backwards (from the bottom of ship) first to help "open" up the hole, since the die cutter cut from top, it is not as open on the bottom.  Finally a bit of modeling clay in the hole will help if the smokestack is loose.

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