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Bull Moose is a U. S. presidential election game based on the 1912 election. The split in the Republican party resulted in Teddy Roosevelt launching the Progressive Party. Concurrently the Socialists under Eugene Debs had their best showing to date. The  Prohibitionists fielded Eugene Chafin running only 7 years prior to the passing of the 18th Amendment (prohibition).

This resulted in a 5 way race in which the Democrats actually won and the third party, the Progressives came in second. The election  is represented by a straightforward, card driven, geographically based game where the winners of each state are decided by lot. The winning of the election and victory condition criteria is loosely based on the popular vote and not on how the electoral college actually functions.


Genre: Family / Strategy

Designer: Patrick Stevens 2016

Artists: David Prieto and Patrick Stevens

Players: 3 - 5

Ages: 12 and up

Play time: 90 minutes



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