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Port Assault
Inland City Capture (not in 1861)
High Seas Squadron (not in 1861)


1. Consult War Effort Chart to determine # Union blockade cards to be drawn (from base of 12).
2. Increase value of Union blockade in each of cards drawn
3. If a blockade is already at 6, reduce Confederate port defense by 1
4. Last card(s) drawn set aside for PORT ASSAULT


1. Increase Union blockade by 2 for last card(s)
2. If new value is = > than Confederate port defense value, the port is closed
3. If port is closed, all ships present in port must immediately make a roll to evade the blockade* & if surviving, make one free movement at normal speed
4. If multiple players in sea zone, they move out in turn order
5. When port is closed, place City Capture token in city & discard any commodities and improvements to Confederate defense.
6. When port is closed, remove city’s card from Union Blockade deck

*Evading the blockade
For each ship, add value of port defense to ship speed (+ Captain or other cards, if applicable). Deduct the Blockade value and roll 2 dice (optional rule, roll 3 dice). If all dice are higher than final value, ship is destroyed with everything on board. When moving a ship with cargo, owner has option to dump cargo to increase speed by +1.

Effect of port closure:
No commodities may be railed through the city
Ships may move freely through the sea zone, but cannot stop there

INLAND CITY CAPTURE (skip in 1861)

Refer to the War Effort Chart to determine how many (1/2) cities are captured. Roll two dice for each city and reference Inland City Capture chart for each city. Place city captured token in applicable cities and discard all commodities. No commodities may be railed through these cities.

(Optional rule): If Confederate army is in city rolled for, destroy Confederate army (remove token) and destroy commodities. Subsequent roll for this city in game will result in city capture, unless another Confederate army occupies.

HIGH SEAS SQUADRON (skip in 1861)

Starting in 1862, roll one die on High Seas Squadron chart and move a 1 strength blockade token to designated sea zone. Each ship attempting to move in, out, or through that zone during next turn must roll to evade



Except for first turn, increase the price of each commodity by one on each track. If none of the commodity were delivered last turn, increase by two instead.
Refill all commodity boxes except those in captured cities.

NEW TURN ORDER Players are ranked by total ship capacity, from lowest (1st in turn order) to highest. If tied, player with least money goes first.


(Perform 4 of following actions in any order) * 5th action bonus awarded to player delivering most war goods on previous turn

Load All ships of player can load commodities, space provided.
$1,000 for each cotton
$4,000 for each tobacco
$5,000 for each black market good
War goods are free


All ships that player can unload.
Cotton & tobacco can be unloaded at any offshore port (marked by anchors)
Black market & war goods can be unloaded at any Confederate mainland port
Place goods in appropriate “Commodities Sold” boxes
Each time all boxes are filled, drop price of commodity by one box on chart
A player sells all commodities at one price though, as decrease in demand occurs after sale
Clear cubes except those sold in excess to demand
War goods placed next to turn order marker of applicable player & collect $1,000 for each
If a ship carries more black market goods than war goods, reduce payment for black market $5,000 each
(optional convoy rule) If 2 ships of one player deliver war goods & black market to one harbor, they are treated as one ship.


All ships of player can move a distance up to their speed
If move starts/enters a zone w/ Union blockade, roll to avoid it (+1 to speed if no cargo)
(optional rule) If more ships convoy to harbor than Union blockade value, surplus ships are safe
If ship doesn’t move, it doesn’t have to roll for the blockade
When rolling to avoid blockade: Speed + Confederate port defense + cards minus Union blockade
Roll 2 dice (3 for optional rule) and if all dice exceed final value, ship is destroyed


Play Action Card
Play card, take effect, and draw new card
Add $5,000 to Port Defense Fund (from bank)
Option to use Port Defense Fund money (+ any personal funds) to build port defenses
Port defenses many only be built up one level at a time
Any card may be discarded instead of taking effect to add $10,000 to Port Defense Fund
Cards may be traded between players, but players must always maintain equal # of cards


Bid on Ship
Choose a ship and begin bid at printed value. Bidding in clockwise order
When ship is won by high bidder, it is deployed to any port
If player choosing this action did not win bid, he chooses another ship to auction
Bidding round ends when player who took action wins ship or chooses not to begin new bid


Rail Commodities Pay $1,000 per section of track between city dots (+ cost of commodity)

By Larry Fryer

Download printable version on our download section

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