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To facilitate printing of each of our developed games, we are implementing an industry common preorder system. If we get enough preorders to warrant printing, we will print. All of the games on this site not printed yet are games yet to be released that you may order at a discount now.  You will be alerted when we near our goal and asked to pay at that point.

Receive your game 4-6 weeks before stores, save money with $10.00 off of retail price.  By joining you will help to make these publication a reality and save on postage with free shipping in the U. S. and $10 off shipping worldwide.

Just email us at  Please use a separate email for each title to facilitate processing.

Current Preoder titles include:

Greek Tragedy by Patrick Stevens. After the Second World War, Greece became one of the first battlefields between the two super powers – the United States and the Soviet Union – who were wrestling for ideological domination. In 1947, the Truman Doctrine provided American aid to Greece to help contain communism. Greece was in the midst of a civil war between communist fighters and the Government army supported by a coalition of right-wing and centrist forces. Greek Tragedy recreates this conflict in a team card driven format.

Current Preorders: 13


Khalkhin Gol by Patrick Stevens is a hex and block style war game. Khalkhin  Gol or Nomonhan is a little known border incident that escalated to a major battle in Manchuria in the summer of 1939. This pivotal battle was the earliest example of the blitzkrieg tactics so popularized by the Germans in WW2.

Current Preorders: 7

Patton in Tunisia by Patrick Stevens, is a block styled war game that was inspired by the Columbia title "Rommel in the Desert", but with an allowance for more players. This is a card driven game with combat resolution decided by dice.

Current Preorders: 14

Frozen Death by Patrick Stevens, is a simulation of the Winter War which depicts the Finnish struggle against Soviet expansionism in 1939. A block styled war game that adds fog-of-war elements to the already brutal climatic elements of the hell on earth that was the Winter War.

Current Preorders: 15

Black Hills War by Patrick Stevens, is a hex and block style war game that utilizes hidden information. The battle of Little Big Horn was but one of the many battles involved in suppressing the Sioux and other tribes in the defense of their homeland and sacred hunting grounds.

Current Preorders: 9

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