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    Near the end of the Second World War Greece became one of the first battlefields between the super powers who were wrestling for ideological domination. Greece was in the midst of a civil war between anti-fascist and communist fighters and the Government army supported by a coalition of right-wing and centrist forces.  First under English influence and support but by 1947 the Truman Doctrine provided American aid to Greece to help contain communism. With the formation of the United Nations, this was it’s first major test under fire in a crucible of international Diplomatic challenges.
   Greek Tragedy recreates this conflict in a strategy game form, leading players to compete against their ideological counterparts not only for military positioning, but for rebuilding the devastated country, political dominance and basic humanitarian aid. Players must be concerned about the position of their forces on the board, but the composition of a player's hand will affect their success in combat more often than not. Plays with up to four players split into two teams. Players start with an equal valued 20-card deck that results in the use of your cards being more important than the luck of the draw. Victorious diceless combat is rewarded with bonus cards leading to more tactical abilities.

Greek Tragedy is designed to complement Popular Front.


Genre: war

designer: Patrick Stevens
Artists: Patrick Stevens

Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 2 - 3  hours
Ages:  11 and up


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Rules available in pdf at Boardgamegeek. Just click on image below.

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