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Q. How far can I move per turn?

A. After the first round limit, up to four cities per turn, five with an Express.


Q. If I buy an express on my first turn, and the player before me moved 1 city, that would appear to enable me to move 2+1 cities. Then would the player after me get to move 4 cities even though he/she does not have an express?

A. No, the first round limit is not to be exceeded.


Q.  When I buy 2 express cards, can I then travel 6 towns?

A.  No.  Limit of 1 of each helper card to each player.


Q. Can I pick up any Railpass when I am done moving.

A. No you can only pick up the Railpass that has the same logo as the one you land on on the board.

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