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Q: What are the numbers on the "Symptom Tiles" for?

A: For use with the prognosis logs which can be downloaded on this website.

Q: Regarding the 2 staff cards "Jackie the Attendant" and "Greg the Guard", can they be turned into patients by the play of other cards?

A: No, they guard the ward from any card play.

Q: What do "Staff" and "Doctor" cards refer to?

A: Some cards are labeled as "Staff" or "Doctor" cards: for example, "PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANT ELLIS" is a "Staff" card, his card number says "Staff 24."  Doctors, however, all have "Doctor" in the name of the card.  "DOCTOR JALES" is a doctor.


Q: Bonus attempts: Do doctor cards' therapy attempts count as bonus attempts? Would failing the first drug therapy on one of my patients stop me from trying it on my others?

A: No.  The doctor card gives you a therapy attempt on each patient in your ward,  regardless of whether they succeed or not (unless of course another card had prevented a patient(s) from receiving that or any therapy).  Bonus attempts refer to cards that read "Get one extra therapy attempt," such as Mail Call.

Q: Is my turn over after I make an unsuccessful therapy attempt, or can I still play cards?

A: There are no restrictions on playing cards on your turn.  If you wish, you may begin your turn by playing a card, then making a successful therapy attempt, then play another card, and so on.

Q: If I draw "OVER THE EDGE," is this an effect that immediately applies to me, or do I save the card to play on someone else?

A: You save the card to play on someone else.  There are no "immediate effect" cards in Looney Bin.  All cards you draw go to your hand, then they may be played on your hand, other players' hands, your own ward, others' wards, everyone, or specific patients.

Q: If I get a successful treatment attempt, do I need to make my next guess on the same patient, or can I guess on any patients?

A: You may make the therapy attempts on any patients in your ward.


Q: If a card instructs me to place a correct or incorrect treatment on a patient, may I choose one that has already been guessed on the patient?

A: No. You must select a therapy that the player has not guessed before.


Q: So, any card that is not "Play Anytime" and affects another player must be played on your turn in order to affect them when their turn begins?

A: Yes, it stays in their ward until their turn is complete, or it removed by another card.


Q: On the "COOL YOUR JETS" card, is "normal therapy" your non-card therapy attempt you get each turn?

A: Yes


Q: Who is the "ANXIETY ATTACK" played to?

A: Card is played against any other player and receiver gives one card from their hand to each other player.


"THE DIRECTOR" is a Staff card , despite not being labeled as such.

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