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Numbskull Games is a relatively new game company, founded in 2008, and is our attempt to bring years of successful homebrew gaming to the market at large. Beginning with adding motive cards to the game Clue, I modified many games such as adding wooden ships to the original wooden edition game of Risk.  Finally in 1991 I created my first complete game - First Emperor, a strategy game set in ancient China.  The bug had bit hard and this was followed up by Tradewinds, a worldwide economic game with steamships and railroads based in 1920. Since then, the list has kept growing; we now have over 20 titles. At approximately one title per year, there has been ample time to play test each title.  Thanks go out to our many play testers over all these years!

      In 2008 I sold my pool service company, which I had owned for over thirty years and entered full time into the game design and publishing business.   Many of our friends have begun to design games in the last few years, which you will probably soon be seeing published here.  My son Alex has a few designs under his belt as well.

     Our interests range over a broad spectrum of genres, with an emphasis on accessibility, historical accuracy and fun.  Simple but flexible rule systems ensure not too steep of a learning curve to begin play, but include the allowance for depth of strategy and tactics with which to explore game after game.  All rules to the games are published here on this website, but of course some are difficult to follow without the actual game components.

      As a relatively new player in the "Designer Game Market" we believe that the best way to make an impact is by creating revolutionary and uniquely styled games.  We are not just talking theme here-but novel approaches in mechanics and systems.  Unlike larger publishers, we are in no way restricted by "target audiences", "homogenized topics ", "typecast  genres", styles or trends.   Therefor you can expect an eclectic approach to our product line, with little likelyhood of repetition or rehash.  So keep abreast and you will see new and substantially different games announced on this website every few months.

Patrick Stevens

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