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On the eve of the Civil War, the country's fate lies in doubt as its leaders make their arguments and its people make their decision. Slavery, states' rights, and the shadow of war are at stake as you seek to have your candidate win the Presidency and save the nation.

Divided Republic is a card driven two to four player game representing the last calm before the storm that was to become the American Civil War. Players represent the four
major parties (Constitutional Unionists, Northern Democrats, Republicans, and Southern Democrats) and attempt to win the presidency by defeating their opponents with dirty tricks, platform speeches, and the manipulation of key historical events. All the while, President Buchanan interferes, radicals riot, and the country continues the downward spiral toward civil war. If one party wins the election history may well change. Nevertheless, there is always the chance that the population of South Carolina will finally explode into open rebellion and secede, ending the game, at which point everyone loses!

Genre: Political / Strategy

Designer: Alex Bagosy

Artists: Marco Morte, David Prieto, Patrick Stevens

2 - 4  Players

16 years and up

180 minutes


Downloads available HERE

no longer available

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