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Grand Conquest takes the Conquest game to a whole new level, adding Castles with Drawbridges, Camels, Catapults, and Siege Engines.  It also introduces movement in the fields between the standard playing positions. Additionally, new units can be built by paying moves.  The board is printed on both sides, with a 4-Player version on one side and a 2-Player version on the other. The 4-Player version can be played as a free-for-all or as a partnership game.  This version can also be used to play the original Conquest.

Genre: Strategy / Conflict

Designers: Donald Benge, Dietmar Gottschick, Patrick Stevens 2006

Artists: Nick Bonamy, Denis Michel

Players: 2 - 4

Ages: 12 and up
Playing Time: 120 minutes



Donald also invented a chess variant called Chess Quest. You can play the online version HERE.  It is very different from chess but easy to learn and requires no extra components.

Commercial                         Tutorial

Download the Puzzle Book here, just click on the image:

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